Health claim database

The only place with complete set of health claims: approved, rejected, pending!

Why you should care about health claims?

Consumers are becoming health-conscious and health is an increasingly important topic in the food market. People view a food as healthier if it carries a health claim.

Both the European and American market analysis shows that the use of health claims on food products significantly increases their sales.

Health claims may play a crucial role in informing consumers and influence their purchase decisions. For few years we see the increased acceptance and consumption of functional foods with health-promoting capabilities, demonstrated by impressive growth in sales world wide.

Use our comprehensive food labeling support system to choose health claims for your products!

Thanks our tools you can, in simple way:
  • find all health claims for chosen food/ingredient,
  • find all foods/ingredient that have impact of the selected function of the body (effects on heart, bones etc.),
  • assess complete communication (health claims) for complex foods, with many ingredients.

All of this in just few clicks of mouse!

Who we are?

We are initiative which provides content related to health claims to nutritional / pharma business and public (regulatory) institutions. Soon on this web site we are going to provide multi-language version of our comprehensive system of food labeling support, which helps to chose health claims for foods, food supplements etc.

Whats new?

Comming soon...