Health claim database

The only place with complete set of health claims: approved, rejected, pending!

About us provides up-to-date solutions to food and pharmaceuticals industry, allowing creating compliant to regulations and attractive for end-consumer communication of food products and food supplements.

Thanks to our passion to new technologies and years of experience, we have created a unique Health Claims Database, a comprehensive system of food labeling support, which helps to choose health claims for foodstuff.

In Poland we have been appreciated by number of food and pharmaceuticals producers, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, District Sanitary-Epidemiological Stations (institutions authorized to control food market) and scientific institutions authorized to issue opinions on food supplements.

Who we are?

We are initiative which provides content related to health claims to nutritional / pharma business and public (regulatory) institutions. Soon on this web site we are going to provide multi-language version of our comprehensive system of food labeling support, which helps to chose health claims for foods, food supplements etc.

Whats new?

Comming soon...